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When can you choose Centurion CMF?

7 reasons why you should use Centurion CMF:

  • A platform dedicated to content and user
  • A fine group and permission management systems
  • Design for large web projects
  • An Enterprise-class CMF, backed by large companies
  • An intuitive user interface + HTML5 features
  • Open-source under BSD-Licence
  • Based on the Zend framework

When not to use Centurion

  • For small projects
  • For few pages
  • If you are not a OOP developer
  • If you just want a blog
  • If you are a closed source supporter
  • Event planning projects

When to use Centurion

  • Simultaneously manage content & users
  • For large projects
  • Multilingual & multi-country projects
  • Large & complex data models
  • When scalability is needed
  • Creative design constraints

Centurion is best for

  • Publishing & aggregation platforms

    Online magazines & newspapers, content aggregator, multi-contribution publishing

  • Corporate & Product website

    Corporate, large product website, complex catalog

  • Social & Community website

    Community, social aggregator, crowded publishing

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